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Major League Baseball has finally come back

On Thursday of this past week, the 2021 MLB season began. After a long winter, baseball is now back.

While the original plan was for all 30 teams to play on opening day, this did not happen due to several reasons. The opening game in the series between the Baltimore Orioles and the Boston Red Sox was postponed due to rain and was made up on Friday, April 2. Additionally, the entire three-game series between the New York Mets and the Washington Nationals was postponed due to four players on the Nationals testing positive for COVID-19.

As it is very early in the season, the outcome of the first series of games will not determine how a team will do over the entire season, but it is often helpful to see how teams are performing right at the start of the season. After the first four days of the new MLB season, there were only three teams who were undefeated. The Baltimore Orioles, the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies were the three teams to claim this accomplishment. There were also five teams that had yet to win a game. These teams were the Boston Red Sox, the Oakland Athletics, the New York Mets, the Washington Nationals and the Atlanta Braves. All the other teams had won either one two or three games.

For those who are wanting to watch their favorite team play throughout the season, there are several ways to do this as there are many opportunities to watch MLB games. Every team has a local regional sports network.

The Arizona Diamondbacks, the Atlanta Braves, the Cincinnati Reds, the Cleveland Indians, the Detroit Tigers, the Kansas City Royals, the Los Angeles Angels, the Miami Marlins, the Milwaukee Brewers, the Minnesota Twins, the St. Louis Cardinals, the San Diego Padres, the Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers all have their games televised on the regional Bally’s sports networks for their respective teams.

Additionally, the Chicago White Sox, the Oakland Athletics, the Philadelphia Phillies and the San Francisco Giants all have their games televised on the NBC Regional Network for their respective team. The Colorado Rockies, the Houston Astros, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Seattle Mariners all have their games televised on the regional AT&T SportsNet network for their respective team.

The most popular teams can be found in a couple different places. The Chicago Cubs have their games televised on the Marquee Sports Network. The Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals have their games televised on the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network. The Boston Red Sox have their games televised on the New England Sports Network. The Los Angeles Dodgers have their games televised on Spectrum Sports. The New York Yankees have their games televised on YES Network. The Toronto Blue Jays have their games televised on Sportsnet.

In addition to these regional sports networks, there are many games that will be nationally televised on Fox, TBS, ESPN, MLB Network, and Fox Sports 1 throughout the season. MLB’s streaming service,, allows the viewer to watch all out of market games throughout the entire season.

Post Author: Tommy Reid