Mercury Lounge incurs thousands of dollars worth of damages due to accident

The venue has started a GoFundMe to offset some of the costs.

Last week, disaster struck everyone’s favorite dive bar, the Mercury Lounge. Unfortunately, the venue’s trash service accidentally wreaked havoc through the bar’s lot, causing thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of damage.

In a post on Facebook, the venue shared these details: “We didn’t do this. Our trash service drove through the front of the lot. The truck took out the (brand new) power line to the pole sign. Tore the weatherhead off the roof and, unbeknownst to us, punched huge holes in our roof. Today’s rain flooded the stage. Destroyed stage ceiling. Water ran through the ceiling and into the walls. Lost lightning rigs, monitors, mics. Having to cancel shows. We’ve filed a claim with the trash service but we will probably never see that money.”

Tulsa’s Mercury Lounge has played host to such large-scale musicians as Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!), Robin Wilson (The Gin Blossoms) and many more. The venue also regularly supports local bands. In fact, there’s usually not a day that you can’t hear live music at the Mercury Lounge.

The venue has a set schedule when there’s not a touring band coming through time. On Sunday’s, there’s a double hitter with a brunch performance and evening performance with both the Johnny Mullanex Band and Brandon Clark’s Sunday Service. The rest of the week’s schedule follows with Mike Dee Presents on Monday’s, the Chris Blevins Band on Tuesday’s, Pilgrim on Wednesday’s, Paul Benjamin Band on Thursday’s and Cassie Latshaw’s Happiest Happy Hour on Fridays. The best thing about these shows? They’re completely free. The venue just asks that you buy a drink at the bar since the lounge typically pays local performers through bar sales. Mercury Lounge has always gone above and beyond when it comes to supporting bands. In fact, when the pandemic hit, the venue did found inventive ways to safely support musicians during this trying time.

In an Instagram reel, owner Bobby Dean Orcutt described the situation as “The realities of running a small venue and bar, post covid, is that the margins are getting slimmer and slimmer. It’s not the thing we usually advertise. We’re a 100% club. We don’t take a percent at the door. If rarely, we take a small fixed amount from some of the bigger shows just to afford extra security and things of that nature.”

On the day of the accident, Koffin Kats were supposed to perform at the venue, but due to all the damages the show didn’t move on at the venue. Instead, Whittier Bar generously offered to host the concert. Since then, the lounge has started to host their local shows again after members of the community came together to make the venue playable again.

Mercury Lounge started a GoFundMe to help offset some of the costs the venue has incurred due to the damages. The venue is even throwing in some merchandise driven incentives. If you would like to support the bar, you can find a link to the GoFundMe on the venue’s Facebook account. The Gin Blossoms — most well-known for their song “Hey Jealousy” — shared the GoFundMe to their socials, helping the bar to achieve a little more than half their goal.

If you like live music and/or just want to support a venue that has served the Tulsa community timelessly over its 18 years in business, please consider donating to their GoFundMe. Mercury Lounge also sells merchandise on their website. Another way to support the venue would be purchasing tickets for upcoming shows such as Patti Steel, Jaimee Harris or Eli Howard. A full list of upcoming touring shows can be found on their website as well.

Orcutt sums up Mercury Lounge’s dedication best with “No matter what, we’re going to keep doing our thing.”

Post Author: Madison Walters