The music video features a variety of costumes and makeup looks. courtesy @lilnasx Instagram

“Montero” music video riles up social media

Montero Lamar Hill, also known as Lil Nas X, is a well-known rapper from Georgia. Most people may recognize him from his hit 2018 country rap single “Old Town Road,” which remains popular to this day.

Lil Nas X just came out with a song that has garnered a significant amount of attention in an interesting way. The song is called “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” and was released March 26, 2021. The song is definitely catchy, but there is more to the uproar it caused beyond the sound. The music video is what has caught everyone’s eyes. It is a very graphic music video featuring religious imagery, along with Lil Nas X giving Satan a lap dance.

Lil Nas X goes on to explain the opening of the music video, saying, “This is a reinterpretation of the story of Adam and Eve. The rapper is enchanted by a snakelike creature — played by Lil Nas X himself — who tempts him, opening his eyes to a world he never knew existed.” Another scene that holds a deeper meaning is the fact that he is being held hostage by different versions of himself. This could possibly be him battling something severe within himself.

This music video has gotten a ton of backlash. Conservative personality Candace Owens tweeted “Why has ‘oh, but I’m gay’ become a default excuse for immorality?” Additionally, “gun girl” Kaitlin Bennett, tweeted a racially charged question: “Do you still see your dad?”

The message behind the song and music video are there; I just think after having “Old Town Road” be a hit for all ages, this song and video threw people off. What Lil Nas X was also saying about his backlash is that in “Old Town Road,” he sings about lean and adultery, subjects that are not kid-friendly.
Buzzfeed actually summarizes the whole situation quite nicely:

“The “Montero” video — Montero, by the way, is the rapper’s actual government name — is a clear sign that old, oppressive stories no longer have a hold on him. It quite literally demonstrates the power of imagining new futures and possibilities for oneself. And because of his boldness, the next generation of Black queer youth may realize that they have the power to conquer their own devils too.” Of course, such daring reimaginings will stir up some controversy among the old guard.

The music video has 82.7 million views and will probably still climb each and every day. Eventually, I feel that this will blow over, and people will just respect Lil Nas X for who he is as being bold and outrageous.

Post Author: Joseph Breedlove