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More books to read if you’re feeling ______

Local bookworm Tori Gellman is back with three more books you can read if you’re feeling despondent, distressed or bold.

If you’re feeling: despondent or mischievous

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“The Two-Family House” by Lynda Cohen-Loigman

Set in the ‘40s in Brooklyn, New York, “The Two-Family House” covers the story of two brothers and their families. In Jewish tradition, men are the ones who pave the way. So when Mort, the father of four girls, learns he is going to be a father again, he and his wife, Rose, are determined to do everything in their power to make sure they have a son. Meanwhile, upstairs, Abe and Helen have been blessed with an abundance of sons, though Helen sometimes treats Rose’s daughters more like her own than Rose herself. When these two women give birth on the same night with the same midwife, they make a choice that will define their entire families lives forever. At times completely unbelievable and yet with a relatable nature present in each and every character, this novel left me feeling heartbroken yet hopeful; exasperated but ever so alive.

If you’re feeling: distressed, empathetic or woeful

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“Home is Burning” by Dan Marshall
In this emotionally powerful memoir, Dan Marshall opens up his life — past and present — to the entire world by showcasing what it means to truly accept and handle what happens when you become your parents’ caretaker. With a mom who has cancer and a father recently diagnosed with ALS, the backdrop for this novel is less than ideal, but with the help of quirky siblings, well-meaning, albeit obnoxiously intrusive friend and more doctors than you could ever imagine being necessary, “Home is Burning” is a true reminder of the hardships and overcomings some people are faced with in their glorious and messy lives.

If you’re feeling: bold, admiration or challenged

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“A Doubter’s Almanac” by Ethan Canin

Milo is a very special boy. A mind academically unmatched for his age, but a severe lack of social skills cause Milo to run into some of life’s road bumps a bit prematurely and causes him to lose his time for naϊvety and innocence. This expedited maturation Milo goes through causes him to make some questionable decisions in regards to his professional, intimate and family lives. A story about the discovery two men make within each other, Canin’s novel will leave you fulfilled with a strong sense of curiosity and selfhood.

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