NFL starting up again

Sports writer DJ Turner provides An NFL off-season summary and expectations for the arriving season .

The National Football LeagueNFL action kicked back up again this week, and for NFL fans, and it’s been a long wait. With unexpected trades in the off-season with deals like Russel Wilson’s $296 million contract with the Denver Broncos, who in this same off-season were bought out by Rob Walton, heir to the founder of Walmart, and the Walton-Penner Group association for $4.65 billion. Tyreek Hill also was offered a huge deal this off-season guaranteeing $72.2 million with a four-year $120 million deal playing for the Miami Dolphins this season. You also have star players like Khalil Mack going to the San Diego Chargers, Davante Adams going to the Las Vegas Raiders, and Matt Ryan leaving the Falcons and going to the Indianapolis Colts.

This off-season really set the tone for how the beginning of football season will go and with so many questions about who is going to do what, and how well they will do it. The NFL comes right out of the gate swinging, with so many marquee matchups that it just makes you confused as to who you want to watch. Wilson and the Broncos start off against his former team the Seahawks, Patrick Mahomes and the offensively dynamic Kansas City Chiefs face off against the star-studded Arizona Cardinals, and (my favorite) the Dallas Cowboys play the unretired renowned Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

There are many big games that are lurking in our near future and those are accompanied by the many players who have long waited for their chance at becoming an NFL player. You got rookies who come from college where they were star players and now have to work their way up the depth chart again, you have late-round picks who nobody knows that are longing to make a name for themselves, and you have vets and returners who are ready to come back and attempt to play in and win the one game everybody in the NFL dreams of playing: The Superbowl. Right now, all the hopes and dreams of every NFL team are up (excluding the Detroit Lions) because this is a new season with new people and a new attitude. The ball has begun to roll and there is no stopping it now. This will be a long hard season not only for the players and teams, but for the fans as well. Fantasy football has begun and players have been selected, so when mid-season hits with all the injuries, suspensions and frustration people’s expectations will constantly be shifting, but let’s not think about that yet. Right now, let’s just enjoy the simplicity of the National Football League reuniting with the world again, because lord knows we missed it.

Post Author: Daryl Turner