Nothing ever changes and SO CAN YOU

The sun knows no difference on January 1. In fact if the sun had a consciousness I doubt it would notice the inhabitants of our small planet at all. And yet come that fateful first day, we fuss and concern ourselves about that intangible, ineffable, wholly unmalleable thing known as change.

My advice for those of you looking to achieve some type of personal improvement in this new positioning of the earth relative to our star is: who cares! You are, in all likelihood, going to fail. Failure is the base of human existence. Humans fail all the time, at their job, at school. Humans fail on a day to day basis to just not be dicks to one another.

It’s interesting how we worry ourselves so much about eating marginally healthier yet we give little thought to the idea of attempting to not be an ass to other people.

But go on and eat your kale. Even if you, by the cold coincidence of destiny, somehow uphold your resolution (not that you really have a choice in the matter) it doesn’t mean anything anyway.

We all, in our small lifetime, will do some amount of good and some amount of bad (all based on an arbitrary set of rules) and if we’re lucky we won’t make life miserable for too many folks.

When we die the world will move on. Our great-grandchildren won’t even know our name. The world will be no different and all will feel pain. You cannot avoid this, only hide from it as much as possible.

So this New Years season take comfort in the fact that you are unimportant. Think about how the fate of the human species is predetermined toward non-existence and that there’s nothing to be done about the universe’s preference for the disordered!

Reflect on the idea that your existence isn’t an accident, it’s less than an accident. Accident implies that there is someone who notices it happened. But most of all, always remember, and never forget, that nothing ever changes and SO CAN YOU!!!

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