Okla. Democratic HQ vandalized

The building, located in Oklahoma City, was spray-painted with neo-Nazi imagery.

On Sunday, March 21, authorities found the parking lot, sidewalk and windows of the Oklahoma Democratic HQ in Oklahoma City spray-painted with neo-Nazi propaganda, homophobic and racial slurs and fascist imagery, including swastikas. Similarly threatening graffiti was found in the Oklahoma City office of the Chickasaw Nation.

Found alongside the vandalization was a letter stating in red marker that “white men have been and still are the backbone [of society].” The letter went on to threaten gender, religious and ethnic minorities and said that the author “would be very scared [if they were them].” It also threatens the life of former U.S. President Barack Obama. The document made several references to the Weimar Republic, the period of Democratic Germany preceding the governmental rise of Nazis, which the vandal compared to the present-day United States.

Thursday, March 28, authorities released an image caught on surveillance camera of a woman spray-painting the front entrance of the Oklahoma Democratic Headquarters.

The following Sunday, the Oklahoma City department posted on its Facebook that, “Investigators are still trying to ID and locate the female shown in the original photos we released Thursday in connection with the graffiti left at two OKC businesses (one on Lincoln and the other on Classen).” As of writing, the woman pictured has yet to be identified, and police are still seeking information on the case.

Nazi propaganda featuring swastikas and death threats was also found spray-painted on public buildings in Norman last Wednesday, April 3. The hate speech was found on the Cleveland County’s Democratic Party headquarters, McKinley Elementary School and Firehouse Art Center. The Oklahoma City police department is working alongside investigators in Norman, though it is currently unknown how related the cases may be.

Following the incident in Norman, the Oklahoma Democratic Party commented that it is “disgusted by these cowardly attacks of hatred [and that] we must send a message that racism will not be tolerated in our communities and take a stand against those fanning the fans of nationalism and bigotry.

Post Author: Emily Every