On-campus car show

Dozens and dozens of cars lined up by the bell last Sunday for the Campus Auto show. To be honest I was surprised a the amount and diversity of cars at the show. Cars ranged from Model A’s and Model T’s to Lamborghinis and Ferraris. Of course there were a number of mustangs, camaros, corvettes and the likes as well. Owners bought cars from all around the nation and even overseas. Highlights from the show included a 2 seat Austin Healey, a 1965 Ford Mustang that appeared in the movie The Outsiders, a GT500 Super Snake signed by Carroll Shelby and a beautiful Ford Model T. The show had its share of supercars too. A white Lamborghini Murcielago was able to light its exhaust on fire (unfortunately I was not able to get this on camera). There were two more Lambos and a couple Ferraris, an Alfa Romeo, and an actual open-wheeled racecar. My personal favourite car was a black and red Mclaren 650S.

Besides cars there was music, raffle prizes, and food provided by BCM. I had a wonderful time walking around, taking pictures, and talking to other car enthusiasts about which one was the fastest or most aesthetically pleasing.

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