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Optimal study sounds

As the semester goes on, it kind of gets hard to have peace and quiet, especially during midterms, projects and final exams. You might want music, but then you find yourself scrolling through your device, leading you to wasting time looking for the one “perfect” song. However, there’s hope. As musician and philosopher John Cage put it, “anything can be music.” Just think of the saying “music to my ears”— that goes with anything pertaining to you — a stressed out student — in peace with your current situation. Here are a few sounds to listen to while focusing on getting a great grade on your upcoming assignments.

1. Wind: As we hit the ground running with grades, research and social-distancing, it feels like we are getting further and further away from nature. Don’t worry! If you are thinking about a good topic for your research paper or senior project, crack open a window and let a good breeze in. Or if you want, you can go for a walk (even if it’s for 15 minutes) without music. Instead of focusing on lyrics on a small screen, you’ll be able to have a fresh perspective and maybe even have a light bulb moment.

2. Ocean Waves: Yes, we are in Oklahoma (or, if you are a social distance learner, you might have the opportunity to be by the beach). Nevertheless you are one click away from having relaxing waves at your fingertips. Ocean waves are calming, putting you in a better mood and having a clearer mind. Bonus if you can imagine yourself at the beach having fun. Maybe even consider it as a way to reward yourself after this semester. You’ve endured a lot. It’s better to pat yourself on the back with the sun in your face.

3. Large crackling fire: Not literally! Remember, no candles (or anything that can start a fire) in the dorms! Rather if you have Netflix, Hulu, Prime or access to YouTube, you can get an endless loop of crackling fire. It’s relaxing, and the low background noise is just enough to help get through the pile of handouts that are in front of you. It’ll also anticipate winter break even more. Holidays, here we come!

4. Nature noises: With social distancing, it’s kind of hard to get out of your bedroom. If you’re able to leave, but can’t because of work and school, that’s okay, too. There are many apps that can help you feel like you are one with nature and walking (or studying) in the woods. In no time, you’ll feel at peace; so when you’re studying or even taking a break, you’ll be more ready to get back to your assignments.

5. White noises: To take away some stress, you can’t go wrong with white noise. It’s just a hum. That’s it. As you have it playing in the background, you’ll forget about it in no time, meaning that you’ll have a better time preparing for school than fiddling for a new song to amp you up.

Either way, you’ve got this. Take time to figure out what you want and experiment with different sounds. You’ll find something that you’ll like.

Post Author: Karelia Alexander