Despite a few protestors, Pence was met with a highly sympathetic crowd. photos by Brooke-Lyne Holland

Pence visits Mabee Center on Stitt campaign trail

The vice president gave a short speech in favor of Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate Kevin Stitt.

The crowd was a sea of red as Donald Trump and Kevin Stitt supporters flowed into the Mabee Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, this past Thursday on Oct. 18. Many came to see Vice President Mike Pence, who was visiting Tulsa to campaign for Stitt, an Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate.

Stitt, a conservative Republican, hopes to make Oklahoma one of the top 10 states in terms of growth, education and infrastructure if he wins the Nov. 6 election. He has emphasized the importance of his business skills in accomplishing these goals, likening himself to Donald Trump.

After graduating from Oklahoma State University, Stitt became an entrepreneur and businessman, and founded Gateway Mortgage in 2000.

The line to get inside the event wrapped around the building as people waited patiently to hear what Pence had to say about Stitt. According to venue officials, they underestimated how many people would show up, saying that “this is one of the biggest crowds that the vice president has been in front of during a campaign.” Tulsa Police says that about 2,000 people attended the rally.

photos by Brooke-Lyne Holland

A mother and daughter from Muskogee had come out to show their support for public education and diversity and held a sign that said, “Yes, All Lives Matter. Black lives, LGBT Lives, White Lives, Student Lives, Immigrant Lives. All Means All.” Supporters for Drew Edmondson, the Democratic candidate for Oklahoma Governor, were also present.

Stitt had many leading political figures come out to support him. U.S. Senators Jim Inhofe and James Lankford and U.S. Representative Markwayne Mullin spoke prior to Pence’s arrival to warm the crowd up. Inhofe explained how Stitt is going to make Oklahoma better, saying Stitt will “make Oklahoma great again!”

Once Pence and Stitt arrived to the center, the crowd erupted, chanting “USA!” as they took the stage. During the campaign, Pence compared Stitt to a “friend” of his, saying that Stitt is “cut from the mold of President Donald Trump — a businessman with no political experience” prior to running for office. “The same agenda that Kevin Stitt wants to bring to the state house, President Donald Trump has brought to Washington D.C.,” Pence said.

He also discussed issues that are related to the GOP like religious freedom, gun owner rights and support for law enforcement and farmers. Pence believes that Stitt is perfect for the role of Oklahoma governor because he believes that he will make large, beneficial changes to the state like Trump has to the country. “I mean, truthfully, I’d be here for Kevin Stitt if he was unopposed, he’s just that good of a man,” Pence said.

Stitt did not speak much during the rally, but he did mention his visit with Pence on Air Force Two before introducing the VP on the stage. Stitt concluded the rally saying, “We’re gonna win this! Oklahoma’s turnaround starts right here, right now!”

Post Author: Brooke-Lyne Holland