Podcasts for the Thanksgiving times, from cooking tips to historical myths

Though traditional Thanksgiving food might be boring, these Turkey Day podcasts sure aren’t.

Thanksgiving is officially upon us! It is a busy time of year for sure, with everyone rushing to complete final projects and study for exams amidst general holiday busyness, but I urge you to find the time to listen to one or two of the podcasts. In the spirit of Julianne’s article about cake, make your listening experience a relaxing one. Light a candle or something and put on your comfiest clothes. Settle on the couch with a steaming cup of tea, cocoa or coffee. We all deserve a break. Whether you’re celebrating the holiday or not, here is a list of podcasts about Turkey Day that are sure to delight.

“Thanksgiving, Part 1: Sage wisdom (with Demi Adejuyigbe)” from “Home Cooking”

This delightful episode is hosted by Samin Nosrat (author of the cookbook “Salt Fat Acid Heat”) and Hrishikesh Hirway (creator of the podcast “Song Exploder”). This episode is warm, friendly and emblematic of everything a perfect Thanksgiving Day makes you feel. The hosts answer questions from the audience, giving tips about how to prepare the perfect dinner and inspiration for unique vegetarian recipes that take on the flavors of fall. Guest Demi Adejuyigbe joins to detail his baking adventures in quarantine. Although this episode is a year old, it is still a wonderful thing to listen to, especially on a rainy day. You’ll find yourself smiling as the joy and happiness of the hosts and their guests is palpable.

“Episode 10: Thanksgiving” from “Hidden Brain”

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially when food and family are involved. Is it even Thanksgiving if someone isn’t arguing at the dinner table or acting weird about the latest family drama? This episode helps you figure out ways to enjoy the holiday even when challenges crop up at family gatherings. They bring in research from social sciences, like psychology, to explain why people get into arguments over intense topics. There are a variety of different studies covered in the episode that offer helpful tips for keeping your calm at holiday gatherings. Host Shankar Vedantam will help you calm down with his gentle tone and science-based tips that are sure to give you relief in a stressful time.

“Why Thanksgiving?” from “American Ritual: Exceptionalism”

Most people should know that the history of Thanksgiving is not the one so sweetly told in the Charlie Brown stories. This podcast breaks down the history of Thanksgiving and how the myth of Thanksgiving that schoolchildren hear across the U.S. is an attempt to erase the reality of the relationship between colonial settlers and the Indigenous people of the U.S. This conversation features artists from Third Space Collective, which aims to reimagine what America could be like through “deep listening, shared acts of renewal, and true Democratic collaboration.” The show notes also list the variety of sources that they drew from in their conversation, with many articles that are definitely worth the read to learn more about the history of Thanksgiving.

This is just a tiny sampling of the podcasts available on your favorite streaming platforms about Thanksgiving. A simple search reveals dozens of episodes, from cooking shows to true crime stories. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Thanksgiving, you just might find an interesting podcast to help you get through the holiday.

Post Author: Hana Saad