Sarri, Marinho and Klopp stalking the pitch. graphic by Conner Maggio

Premier League update

Soccer journalist Chris Lierly reports on this week in England’s cutthroat competition.

Man City: The Citizens return to the Premier League with the potential to top the table for the second year in a row. Their record is 6-1-0 and they have 19 points after the seventh matchday. Their biggest win was against Arsenal at the Emirates to open their season, and they have yet to play any team that can stand up to their dominating attack. With Kevin De Bruyne injured, City’s record going forward will depend on how well they are able to run Pep’s system with the motor to that system sitting on bench.
Major upcoming matches: Oct. 7 at Liverpool, Oct. 29 at Tottenham, Nov. 11 at Manchester United

Liverpool: Jurgen Klopp’s Reds have looked phenomenal this season. They began the season with six wins before drawing with Chelsea in a late thriller at Stamford Bridge to give them a record of 6-1-0 with 19 points. Liverpool looks much deeper this season in every part of the field. They have one major win against Tottenham, but defending against City next week will be a major test for a defence that looks much improved.
Major upcoming matches: Oct. 7 vs. Manchester City, Nov. 3 at Arsenal, Dec. 1 at Everton

Chelsea: If the early part of the 2018/19 season acts as any indicator for the Sarri era, then the Blues have little to worry about. Chelsea begins the year with a new manager at the helm and a slightly different lineup than last season. Like Man City, Chelsea’s only major win is against Arsenal, and no one should count that as a major win. However, Chelsea has looked like a legitimate contender this year and will likely join Liverpool and City in a tight race for the title with their 5-2-0 record with 17 points.
Major upcoming matches: Oct. 20 vs.Manchester United, Nov. 24 at Tottenham, Dec. 8 at Manchester City

Tottenham: Spurs enter the 2018/19 season with a solid squad and a more impressive stadium. Nonetheless, it is more likely the Pochettino will manage a match at the new White Hart Lane before he spends any of the club’s money on a player that could make the team better. Tottenham has one major win with their 3-0 thrashing of United and two losses with their slip ups against Liverpool and Watford. Harry Kane’s health will likely determine where Tottenham finishes, but their record of 5-0-2 and 15 points, Spurs look to ride most of the season just behind the leaders.
Major upcoming matches: Oct. 29 vs. Manchester City, Nov. 24 vs. Chelsea, Dec. 1 at Arsenal

Arsenal: The 2017/18 season was not kind to Arsenal. However, the current form of Alexandre Lacazette should give Gunners’ fans hope. Arsenal dropped key points by losing to City and Chelsea in the opening weeks of the season, but since then, they have consistently won against mid and lower level teams. As mediocre as that sounds, it is a major accomplishment for Unai Emery’s squad. Arsenal doesn’t really have a chance to compete for the cup this year. Still, their 5-0-2 record gives them 15 points, which is level with Tottenham.
Major Upcoming Matches: Nov. 3 at Liverpool, Dec. 1 at Tottenham, Dec. 4 at Manchester United

Manchester United: Manchester United’s dismal situation at the beginning of the season looks a lot better seven weeks in. Somehow, the Red Devils found a way to make their fans’ worst nightmares come true and gave sports journalists around the world a punching bag. Mourinho’s men have lost to West Ham, Tottenham and Brighton in a season where they currently sit at 10th in the Premier League with a record of 3-1-3 with 10 points. Mourinho cannot seem to get any traction in the young season, and if he doesn’t soon, he won’t be the manager much longer.
Major Upcoming Matches: Oct. 20 at Chelsea, Nov. 11 at Manchester City, Dec. 15 at Liverpool

Post Author: Chris Lierly