Professor starts sweating profusely after joke about sleeping with student

Students reported business Professor Dr. Cochino laughing strangely and sweating after a student made a joke in class last week.

A certain student apparently made a joke about students sleeping with professors for a good grade. The rest of the class laughed appropriately, however Dr. Cochino was not laughing. Instead he was staring towards the back of the classroom with a look of fear and panic in his eyes.

This continued for an uncomfortable 45 seconds. Finally a student asked Dr. Cochino if he was okay. Instead of responding he just starting chuckling awkwardly, as if he consciously knew he was supposed to laugh.

That’s when the sweating started. One student described it as “like someone just dumped a bucket of water on him.” Reportedly he had sweated completely through his shirt within ten seconds. Within a minute a puddle was forming at the professor’s feet. “It was like the second most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen,” said one student. Dr. Cochino continued to laugh awkwardly the entire time.

After about five minutes students began to get up and leave. Dr. Cochino did nothing to stop them. A State-Run Media representative checked in on Dr. Cochino a few days after the incident. He was still standing in the exact same position. He had stopped laughing but was still sweating. The professor did not respond to any questioning.

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