Professor’s joke about hungover students after Oktoberfest returns for 27th year

KEPLINGER HALL — In an unforeseen move last Monday, mechanical engineering professor Mark Berra began his Fluid Dynamics class by making a joke about all of the fluids his students had consumed over Oktoberfest weekend. This marks the 27th consecutive year Berra has made the joke, a new personal record.

“I really thought he was going to mix it up this year,” a student TA informed the State-Run. “I mean with homecoming being on a different weekend than Oktoberfest, it was the prime time to mix it up and make up a new joke for the next 27 years. But I guess I was wrong.”

According to our sources, the class’s response to the joke was a mixture of groans and hungover silences, which is typical for this joke, according to Berra. “Sometimes I get a chuckle, which is always a good day,” Berra told this newspaper. “Every five years or so I feel like I should mix it up a little, but then I realize none of the incoming students have a chance to hear this joke yet, and I think, ‘Why change?’”

At press time, Berra is reportedly excited to make a joke about the rate of flow of wine after Thanksgiving. That occasion will only be the 23rd time Berra has a chance to make that particular joke, which is still “as good as new” to him.

Post Author: Sam Beckmann