Professors swap subjects, classes more enjoyable

TU student Margaret Skinner approached The State-Run Media last week after noticing that something seemed a bit off about her professor in Thursday’s session of Foundations of Psychology.

“When I came into class on Thursday,” stated Skinner, “it seemed that, for once, there wasn’t an inherent disappointment in her eyes.”

A similar report came from biology student Andrew Carson concerning his Intro to Biological Science class. Carson reported that he saw his teacher laugh, but his friends didn’t believe him.

These outlandish accusations piqued the interest of the State-Run Media’s top-notch investigative team. It was soon discovered there had been a “switcheroo” among University faculty.

The State-Run Media’s inquiries uncovered that psychology department adjunct Elise Fleming and tenured Biology professor Elliot Beck have been teaching each other’s classes for the last two weeks. This switch has been met with little to no acknowledgement from fellow faculty members or University officials.

When asked if they understood their new subjects, it appeared neither of them had any clue what they were doing.

“I’ve just been pulling stuff out of my ass,” Fleming reported excitedly. “I don’t have any idea what cellular respiration is, and I guess these kids don’t either.”

Regardless of whether or not the teachers understand the subjects, students mostly seem not to have noticed. Or, in some cases, they enjoy the classes more.

“My mom said getting a Psych major wouldn’t involve Tarot cards,” reports freshman psychology enthusiast Alan Rogers. “But Professor Beck’s midterm involves both tarot reading and Freudian psychoanalysis.”

Students in Fleming’s Intro to Biological Science class have reported that, although they haven’t learned much, the class is much more enjoyable than they had expected. “I had heard this was a weed-out class,” student Daria Watson told State-Run reporters, “But Professor Fleming believes in culturing a ‘healthy learning environment’, and I haven’t pulled a single all-nighter for this class!”

It is uncertain whether this interdisciplinary teaching strategy will adversely affect the students’ academic futures, but Biology Department Chair Jeremy Crick wasn’t concerned by the switch.
“It’s just the Intro class,” he stated. “Who cares?”

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