Quiz: Can you pull off that scarf? (Probably not)

Question #1: How much do you want to stand out?
A) I like to be excessive in everything I do.
B) I like to fit in.
C) I like to stand out a fair bit, nothing too far. Wouldn’t want to look too excessive.

Question #2: When you go out on the town what would you wear?
A) Whatever will make everyone stop and stare.
B) T-shirt and jeans, maybe a coat if it is chilly.
C) Something casual that suits me, yet still highlights my best qualities.

Question #3: Before the Twelfth Amendment was passed, how was the Vice President chosen?
A) The runner-up in the election would be made the Vice President
B) Hasn’t it always been the same?
C) I don’t see what this has to do with scarves, are you even a fashion authority?

Mostly A: Calm down fashionista, you can wear a scarf. You can wear ten scarves if you want. As long as you try your best to look as gaudy as possible you can do whatever you want; that’s the spirit of fashion. It’s important to note that as long as people get so distracted that they fail to see your toxic personality and deep character flaws then you’ll be fine.

Mostly B: Don’t talk to me. I’m not trying to be mean, here, but try to stop yourself from being stupid for about two seconds so I can explain something to you. If you want to wear a scarf this quiz is essential, you can never pass if you have answers like this. I believe that one day you may retake this quiz and get the right answers. But for now, don’t look at me in public, we are not friends or even acquaintances. Until you can figure out how to wear a scarf we are sworn enemies. I didn’t subscribe to GQ magazine for twelve years to deal with the likes of you. See you in fashion court, you walking consignment store.

Mostly C: Your lack of respect and dignity for the human race has gone unpunished for too long. You don’t deserve this article, you don’t deserve fashion advice. Your reign of terror has created pain and misery, the likes of which the human race has never seen. You could perhaps pull off a nice navy scarf with white polka dots. Maybe try something that really emphasizes the bloodlust in your soul. I think if you work hard enough you could pull off a silk scarf, but it needs to be the statement piece of your outfit. If you crowd your outfit with too many unique things then you will just end up looking like you came out of a Johnny Depp movie. You disgust me. I hope you choke on your fashionable scarf.

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