Research Colloquium showcases student projects

From last Tuesday to Saturday, the University of Tulsa hosted its 18th annual Student Research Colloquium. The Colloquium was a chance for a wide range of students to present their research from many subjects, ranging from computer science to mechanical engineering.

Graduates and undergraduates alike submitted finished or in-progress works for judging. Most projects were experimentally based, but other topics were also presented.

Judging panels were comprised of students from TU and OU-Tulsa, in addition to faculty and administration from a wide variety of academic disciplines.

The main judging criteria for projects were content and presentation. Separate rubrics were given for community projects, poster projects and oral presentations. Different rubrics were given to a judge outside of the field in question than to a judge in the field.

“I appreciate how the colloquium was a school-wide event over so many days. This allowed me to attend other lectures I was interested in when not in class,” said Jeremy Sabo, a biochemistry and physics major.

Sabo’s presentation was centered around the selective killing of cancer cells by inhibiting metabolic pathways.

Sabo said, “while this colloquium had fewer judges, it allowed my peers to be present during my presentation. [Previous] colloquiums had 5 or more judges and only the presenters in the room.”

Special events that occurred at the conference included two Research Institute presentations.

The first Research Institute presentation, given by the Tulsa Institute of Alternative Energy, dealt with several issues in the fields of renewable energy.

The second presentation was centered around several different aspects of major adaptive systems in the body, such as stress.

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