Resources to help you succeed

From studying abroad to counseling, TU has an office for everything. Here is a list of campus resources that can help you out

With the school year officially in motion, it’s not uncommon for you to have a million questions with no clue who to ask. Trying to figure out who can help you and where to find them can be confusing. The University of Tulsa has many resources for students to use and a large staff dedicated to helping you succeed during your time here at TU. These resources include student success coaches, free clinical services through Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), campus security and so much more. If you have a question, there is someone who can answer it.

The Hardesty Holmes Center is home to many offices that students can visit should they need guidance. Just across from Hardesty Hall sits Student Success, Student Access, CAPS and Global Engagement. Student success coaches help students with classes, offer advice about career paths and support students in anything they want to achieve academically. Many students have already met their success coaches, but if you haven’t you can find out who your coach is through StarFish, an online tool TU students can use to schedule appointments and see which coaches, mentors and professors you have been assigned to for the year. You can also go to the check-in desk on the first floor of the Hardesty Holmes Center and ask who your success coach is. Student Success, along with many other offices, are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday for students to seek help with whatever they need.

Student Access is another major resource students can and should use throughout their time here at TU. Student Access deals with any academic and disability related accommodations a student needs to succeed. These accommodations include testing accommodations, absence notifications, on campus transportation, technological accommodations and more. Student Access is located on the first floor of the Hardesty Holmes Center. You can email or schedule an appointment through StarFish..

CAPS is located on the third floor of the Hardesty Holmes Center. CAPS is a great place to talk to a professional about anything you need. If you find yourself having trouble adjusting to college life or need a little help to cope with another situation, CAPS counselors are here to help you. You can find a CAPS form online that you can fill out to set up an appointment. Additionally, CAPS has a list of self help resources online, so if you are looking for help but don’t necessarily want to talk to a counselor, this would be a great place to look.

The office of Global Engagement is also located on the third floor of the Hardesty Holmes Center. This office is perfect for any student interested in studying abroad. Students can reach out and ask about the endless opportunities they have to offer from semester-long travels to extended courses that lead to a small trip abroad that corresponds with the course’s content. Any student who has studied abroad will tell you to jump at the opportunity to see the world and get credit at the same time. You can look at their website or ask the front desk for more information during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Hurricane Health Center is the medical center on campus that provides care and treatment for students. However, the health center cannot treat emergency situations, which students should call 9-1-1 for. The Hurricane Health Center is located just behind Phillips Hall near the back of the parking lot between McFarlin Library and Hardesty. You can schedule appointments through their website, on the phone or through the CareATC mobile app.

Campus security keeps TU safe for all students and staff. You can call campus security 24 hours a day, seven days a week for anything such as locking yourself out of your dorm or escorting you back to your room late at night if you feel unsafe. The campus security office is located between frat row and the football stadium in the Mabee Gym. Campus security works hard to keep campus safe; you can see them patrolling campus day and night. They are always willing to lend a helping hand whenever you need it.

The University of Tulsa is a small but welcoming campus, giving students resources for anything they might need. If a student doesn’t know where to go with their questions, TU staff will always help them find the right place. The resources listed above are just the tip of the iceberg of helpful services students can utilize throughout their years here on campus.

Post Author: Isabella Herrera