Runoff primary decides Nov. ballot and local elections

As of this writing, the results are still tentative, but Oklahomans should now know who will appear on the November ballot.

The runoff primary was dominated by small local races. There was no statewide race. Also, as a runoff election, it was only for primary races in which no candidate had already received a majority. This mean that many places only had a race for one party.

The highest level race was to decide who would represent the Democrats in the Fifth Congressional District, which covers the Oklahoma City area. Al McAffrey narrowly defeated Tom Guild by 40 votes, which represents only .24 percent of the vote.

McAffrey will face off against incumbent Republican Steve Russell in November. The Fifth District is heavily Republican, so Russell is expected to retain his seat.

The only State House of Representatives election in Tulsa was for Republicans in District 67. District 67 is in South Tulsa, mostly between Yale and Garnett and 81st and 111th.

Incumbent Pam Peterson is term limited, so she could not run for reelection. Scott McEachin defeated Tom McCloud by 440 votes, which represents 12.88 percent of the total.

There were two elections in the Tulsa area for the State Senate, both for Republicans. District 25 is roughly centered at 131st and Memorial, but a small sliver extends as far north as 21st. Incumbent Republican Mike Mazzei is term limited. Joe Newhouse defeated Lisa Kramer by 781 votes, or 12.08 percent of the total.

District 39 borders District 25 to the northwest. It’s very roughly shaped like a cross, spanning from I-244 to 101st, Harvard and Sheridan at the thinnest and roughly Peoria and Mingo at the widest. Incumbent Republican Brian Crain is term limited. Amanda J. Teegarden defeated Dave Rader with 401 votes, which is 9.66 percent of the total.

Tulsa County also had an election for County Court Clerk for Republicans. Donald Newberry defeated Ron Phillips with 1,691 votes, which is 10.7 percent of the vote.

Many of the local elections were also marked by extremely small turnout. State House District 16, which includes the very southern part of Tulsa county but includes more of Wagoner, Okmulgee and Muskogee counties, had a Democratic runoff with five votes total.

Canadian and Kingfisher counties, both of which are in central Oklahoma, had some school propositions that had two votes total. There were even several instances of zero votes being cast, all for propositions.

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