SA dedicates month of events to Hispanic history and culture

Sept. 15 marks the beginning of Hispanic History Month at TU. This celebration is organized by SA’s department of diversity and multiculturalism, the executive of which is Evelin Lopez, who hopes to work with LASA (Latin American Student Association) and potentially the Spanish department.
Starting the month on the 15th was a de- liberate choice, as many Hispanic countries declared their independence from Spain around the 15th or 16th of Sept. The history month, then, will span Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. Lopez plans to host four events during that span.
To kick off the month, SA will host a pinata party, with make-your-own pinatas, games, food and prizes. SA hosted a pinata party for last year’s Hispanic History Month, but now, with the department of diversity and multiculturalism more established, Lopez hopes to grow the celebration. While not completely planned, Lopez wants to partner with Kendall-Whitter Elementary School to have a family reading night. A movie night, potentially showing the film “Under the Same Moon,” is planned, which discusses the “complexities of immigrating to the US” On that same theme, Lopez is interested in having a discussion with a law professor on immigration. The History month will conclude with a talent showcase. As there are about 22 Hispanic countries, Lopez hopes each can be represented, al- though not every country is represented at TU.
Hispanic History Month isn’t the only event Lopez will plan for the year. Each month of the year has a specific demo- graphic SA wants to focus on as part of their push for diversity and multiculturalism. Some of these include a Native American heritage month, Black History month, an Asian-American/Pacific Islander month and LGBT month. Lopez hopes by hosting these celebrations TU students can learn more about other cultures.
“I want a lot of the events to be intention- al,” Lopez says, “not just to get a free shirt but for people to learn and experience.”

Post Author: Michaela Flonard