SA grants charter to potential Beta Upsilon Chi chapter

During this last week’s Student Association meeting, the SOC presented a bill from several TU students. The bill requested a charter be granted for a potential chapter of Beta Upsilon Chi, otherwise known as BYX (pronounced Buck’s).

BYX is a Christian fraternity that was founded at the University of Texas in 1985, and is to date the largest Christian social fraternity in the U.S.

The organization’s representative said the reason they wanted to have a BYX chapter at TU was because they, “want to be witness(es) on campus and show what Christian men are on campus.”

If approved by the national BYX organization, the chapter will operate much like other fraternities, hosting parties and gatherings, and participating in volunteer community work.

BYX members will of course have their own closed gatherings as well as “cell groups.” Cell groups are smaller groups of members who would act as supporters for other members in their group, as well as help each other get involved in organizations on campus.

To be approved by nationals, BYX must have at least twenty members. As of now, the organization has fifteen members.

SA members granted the charter, with the reasoning that they felt a Beta Upsilon Chi chapter would give TU something it does not currently have.

In discussion, GOC member Steve Harsha said, “Sigma Phi Lambda has done great stuff and I can see (Beta Upsilon Chi) doing the same.”
Sigma Phi Lambda is TU’s Christian sorority, which was established at TU in 2013.

Next week members of the potential chapter will meet with a national Beta Upsilon Chi representative and address the finer points of BYX life.

There is not a time scheduled for the nationals approval process, but if all goes well TU will have its very own Beta Upsilon Chi chapter soon.

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