Second semester senior has 2 weeks to get shit together

“It was probably the most terrifying moment of my life,” said Justine Wills, clutching a career fair pamphlet in his hands.

Wills, a second semester senior with a robust 2.3 GPA and vague aspirations toward greatness, is recounting her horrifying realization with a dead look in her eyes not unlike that of an underage trench-warfare veteran.

Like many of her classmates, Wills will be graduating from the University of Tulsa in a few weeks. Unlike most of them, however, Wills has only recently become cognizant of this.

“When I realized that I only had a little while to get my life together and figure out how I was gonna make it big, I started freaking out,” said the visibly shaken 22-year-old. “I had to get up and leave class to process it. Well, I would have if I had gone to class that day.”

“It should be easy, right? All I gotta do is bump my GPA up a few points, find a fulfilling job and make a few connections,” she said, perking up a little. “I wonder if that place from two years ago still has an internship available.”

After resolving to check it out tomorrow, Wills promptly went back to watching Dark Souls playthroughs on Youtube.

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