courtesy PolyGram Filmed Enterntainment “The Big Lebowski” was released in 1998.

Shot for shot

Note: All participants in the production of this article are either of legal drinking age or did not consume alcohol. Disparity in coherent prose should make as much evident.

The Collegian team views and reviews a movie while getting uproariously drunk.

Zach: Although I think that I am the only one in the proper state top write this article, I still believe that this movie might actually be the best movie ever. Not only does it have lots of funny jokes that are actually funny (unlike most of the Adam Sandler movies that we watch), it has one of the greatest plots that we have ever had the pleasure to report in Shot for Shot as well as one of the greatest soundtracks. ‘I love this movie with all my heart, and it nly gets better when I reach the state expected for producing one of these articles.

Unfortunately, I am the only editor here in this state this week, but that is okay because this is the best movie ever and everyone should watch it. It really speaks to the alienation of cancel culture. As the educated community grows ever exclusive in its language, the Dude remains ever consistent in being an understanding and respectful individual while still staying eternally cancelled in the Twitter-sphere.

Perhaps we can all learn something from the Dude. Maybe we can learn to love each other despite our lingual differences, despite our education differences, and all connect over something as simple and innocuous as bowling.

Maddie: I would argue that I am in the perfect state of mind to write this article. I’m sleep drunk si it’ll count. Tired? Stress? It works!

Honestly, I’m mad that I enjoyed it as much as I did. It can’t be just me, I thought it was very funny. That being said, at about halfway through, I just wanted it to be over. I NEEDED it to be over, but it just would not end.

Something Zach failed to mention was the great B man himself, Buscemi! Out of all the films we have seen, I think his hair in this film takes the cake as the best. The middle part? Another favorite moment is Flea’s character. Yes, Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. What a cool dude.

I think a valid comparison can be made from the Life of Brian and The Big Lebowski in the respect that both deal with a man who is consistently mistaken for someone else. This mistake has detrimental effects on their life.

Also, I would be remiss to fail to mention Zach’s drunken Shakespeare performance. It was truly inspirational. I think the Bard himself would be proud.

Kyle: They mentioned Vladimir Lenin. I liked that part.

Iyan: I think my drunk and sleep-deprived colleagues have tackled most of the film’s central themes. My only addition: wow… That’s a lot of half-and-half. Like, sooooo much half-and-half. I am not one to yuck somebody else’s yum, but the notion of mixing dairy and spicy potato water together on the regular gives me the willies. I have little else to add; it is hard to concentrate with the shrill karaoke of Angelica from Rugrats blaring on the TV.

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