Spirit Squad break-in

TU Security is still investigating the theft of equipment from the Mabee Gym in February. The suspect(s) broke into the facility where the TU Spirit Squad practices.

Between February 11 and February 13, the suspect got into the closet where the squad and dance department store equipment and uniforms, according to Amanda Snider, the Director of the Spirit Squad.

“I have been involved with TU Spirit since 2007 and this has never happened before,” Snider said.

Items stolen include team-issued practice gear, shoes, uniforms, rain jackets, sweats, warm-ups, bags and backpacks. Officials are still trying to pinpoint a total dollar amount for the larceny.

“We are not quite sure how the thieves got into the actual spirit room,” Snider said. “They had to have broken in to three different locked areas: two outside doors and an inside locked cage door.”

Zac Livingston, patrol captain for campus security, said in an email that the evidence they’ve found “produced a few leads we are still following up on.”

According to Livingston, the case is still under investigation.

Post Author: Alex Garoffolo