The feud between SquarePants and Scott heated up when it took to Instagram. graphic by Conner Maggio

SpongeBob escalates beef with Travis Scott

The Super Bowl sparked a battle between the famous rapper and the fictional character over who deserved to play the halftime show.

It was Tupac versus Biggie Smalls. It was Nicki versus Cardi B, and Kim K versus Taylor Swift. It was Meek Mill versus Drake, Pusha T versus Drake and Tyga versus Drake.

SpongeBob SquarePants, hailing from Bikini Bottom, threw shade at popular rapper Travis Scott late Super Bowl Sunday night for the latter’s interruption of “Sweet Victory.”

Since SquarePants is a fictional character, some say that the beef is too fake to be worth getting in a huff about, but the notorious sponge is a more realistic persona than the fronts put on by most celebrities, so the fanbases elected to take up arms anyway. Besides, without celebrity beefs like this, how can fanbases flaunt their loyalty without declaring war if an anonymous Reddit user makes a valid critique against their hip-hop deity?

The important thing is that everyone cares about celebrities’ social media roasts more than they care about the less important things like bigotry, a giant wall or how the American government works as often as Internet Explorer.

It all began with a flaming tweet by SquarePants directed at the Kardashian hubby.

“LMAO @trvisXX Travis Scott you couldn’t hype your own crowd, so you stole another artist’s work to introduce your own garbage? Cold as the bottom of the ocean, my dude.”

Travis clapped back within three minutes with a sizzling roast that nearly dried SquarePants out. “I know there’s salt in the ocean man, but don’t be mad the NFL chose me over you. I’ll tell you what the Pats told the Rams. Better luck next year.”

SquarePants refused to back down and sent out a savage tweet that nearly broke the internet.
“BAHAHA Travis is too old to understand what the kids want. He was born in ‘92, the dude is 26. Hell, his girl was born in ‘97. I’m only 19.”

Taken aback from the jab at his age, Scott is rumored to have begun work on a new diss track against his new porous rival. It was leaked from a somewhat questionable source that the title of the work will be “You suck, SpongeBoy” and will come out in May.

Not to be outdone, SquarePants posted on his website that he is working on his own track titled, “I’ll Krusty Your Krab.” There is much speculation on whether it will be tacked onto his album set to drop in March, “I’m Ready.”

The fight took to Instagram when Scott took a selfie of himself with a dish sponge and with a caption reading, “Hey look, it’s the guy that almost played the SuperBowl.”

SquarePants took a selfie with the notoriously mediocre Chum Bucket restaurant dressed as his friend Squidward and captioned it with, “Hey look! I’m Travis Scott! BAHAHAHA.”

And as the internet tears itself apart over two people no one knows personally, we can all be glad that social media exists. This way, Super Bowl was at least a little interesting.

Post Author: Brennen Gray