Springfest theme revealed at six-year-old’s birthday party

Last Monday, the theme for Student Association’s Springfest was revealed. There was a typical reveal party with free food and a teaser video for the week’s events and concert.

However, there was one important aspect that SA overlooked. The entire reveal party for SA’s hero-packed “Super Springfest” was held at a 6-year-old’s birthday party.

Local child Alexis Lehen had reserved the Student Union’s Great Hall for her Marvel-themed birthday party weeks before SA had looked at the venue. SA’s Springfest Committee, with no other place to go and feeling awkward about the whole affair, changed to their superhero theme last-minute to avoid conflict with the child.

At the reveal party, there were Avengers centerpieces on red and blue tables, streamers and balloons on the doors, and a general air of childlike simplicity about the event.

Lehen was ecstatic to welcome TU students to her party, telling the crowd before the Springfest events video that “everyone will really like it and we’re all gonna have a lot of fun!”

Lehen was seen running around the venue in her Black Widow costume helping students decide what type of burrito they should eat. She was also seen fighting against members of SA, who all dressed up as comic book villains to appease Lehen’s bloodlust.

Some members of SA’s Springfest Committee were happy with the unexpected change. Committee chair Andrea Akats mentions that the process “was a bit hectic up until today, but it definitely feels worth it to make Alexis’ birthday SUPER memorable.”

Akats even asked for Lehen’s input on renaming the already-planned events, such as renaming the traditional piano drop “Hulk Smash” and renaming concert headliner Misterwives “Wonder Woman and the Batmans.”

Other committee members were not happy to accommodate Lehen’s party. Willian Inis expressed dissatisfaction with the changes, feeling that they “undermine all the hard work that we adults have put into these events.”

Inis, a tall, thin business major with a shaved head, was seen angstily throwing away trash and drawing medieval torture devices on tablecloths after the event. Other committee members refused to comment on Inis’ behavior, only mentioning his powerful father and hinting at his presumably tragic backstory.

Lehen has been invited to all Springfest events this week as a special guest. She was thrilled by the news, saying she was “most excited to see people fly around on the zipline and meet Batman,” the bassist of Wonder Woman and the Batmans.

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