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“Staged” brings enjoyment to lockdown

Are you like me and can’t get enough of David Tennant and Michael Sheen’s incredible friendship after watching “Good Omens”? Look no further because the two have reunited for a lockdown television show. The plot follows Sheen and Tennant, playing heightened versions of themselves, as the two out-of-work actors try to prepare a play for London’s West End theatre via Zoom; chaos and hilarity ensues as faulty internet connections, misunderstandings and disagreements threaten to shut down online rehearsals.

“Staged” stars David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Georgia Tennant, Anna Lundberg, Simon Evans, Lucy Eaton and Nina Sosanya. “Staged” was possibly the first television show to come out during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it was filmed entirely remotely. The series was released in June; however, it was only released in certain territories. The show can now be watched on Hulu. “Staged” is definitely a light watch as there are only six episodes with each episode lasting only twenty-two minutes.

For me, “Staged” has been one of the highlights of the year. It simultaneously distracts viewers from the world while still bringing up prevalent topics, specifically the COVID- 19 pandemic. The TV show also brilliantly depicts how artists are still desperately trying to create and remain helpful to the public during these chaotic times. There’s one particular quote from the show that strikes home hard: “The world changes all around you, and you find that you can’t help anymore.”

Much like in “Good Omens,” the chemistry between Sheen and Tennant is off the charts. It almost feels as if you’re just watching one of their day-to-day conversations rather than a scripted television show. Their friendship is truly something special as their chemistry defies the miles and miles between them. One defining characteristic of their friendship is that they are seamlessly able to tease one another without malice, which adds humor to each conversation. Possibly my favorite moment from the entire show is the “fight” that Sheen and Tennant get into over a lie told by the latter. During said fight, Sheen accuses Tennant of drinking from a mug with his own face on it and things only escalate from there. Truly, I do not remember the last time I laughed as hard as I did when I watched that scene.

I would sorely be remiss to not mention the joy that is Georgia Tennant. She absolutely steals each scene she appears in. Her comedic timing is spot on. I’ve followed her on Instagram for quite some time, and this show just solidifies my desire to see her have her own show. My only qualm with the entire show is that I would’ve appreciated more scenes with Georgia.

“Staged” has some of the best and most surprising guest stars. Each time one appeared, I gasped out loud. I won’t spoil who the guest stars are because seeing them just pop in out of nowhere is half the fun. I will say, however, episode three “Who the Fu!# is Michael Sheen” has possibly one of the most surprising guest stars in it. Even though one of the two had previously starred in a movie with him, I was completely shocked when the guest star popped in.

Another brilliant aspect of the show is the references to different projects that Tennant and Sheen have done during their respective careers. If you’re a theater fan, you’ll love all the references to the different stage productions the two have been in. The same goes with references to their film careers. One particular highlight is Sheen’s impersonation of Tim Burton; even though they technically have never met, Sheen played a minor character in one of his movies. Another fantastic characteristic of the show is the credits. Throughout the series, there is a running gag between Sheen and Tennant as they argue whose name will appear first in the credits for their play. As each episode begins and ends, pay attention to the credits for the show; they change after each argument.

If you are looking for something short, yet still very enjoyable to watch, then I highly suggest “Staged.” All six episodes are currently on Hulu for your enjoyment.

Post Author: Madison Walters