State Question 792 – updating alcohol laws

You all have a very important decision to make this November. No, no, not that one! When you cast your vote for president, you’ll also have the opportunity to give your support to State Question 792, which seeks to modernize Oklahoma’s alcohol laws.

The bill would allow the sale of strong beer and wine at grocery stores and convenience stores, which currently only sell 3.2 percent beer. It would also permit liquor stores to sell cold beer and wine (right now it’s sold at room temperature).

Even though I’m still under 21, the issue of State Question 792 has had a pretty significant effect on me personally. In my two years working at Reasor’s, a local grocery store chain, I’ve had many a frustrated customer complain to me about the lack of strong alcohol available. There’s a liquor store across the street from us, but it’s closed on Sundays, so anyone who wants a bottle of wine for their fancy dinner party is out of luck. In the majority of other states, though, any kind of alcohol is available to people any time they may need it. People should be able to get turnt when they want to.

The bill also includes measures to increase regulation on the sale of alcohol because more alcohol will be sold. Local law enforcement would be given more control over liquor licenses and who receives them.

The whole point of SQ 792 is less about getting people drunk and more about the free market. Its main opposers are the liquor stores who fear that their monopoly on alcohol will be compromised. “All this is about customer choice,” argues Jeff Reasor, CEO of Reasor’s. “This isn’t about trying to go after anybody or hurt anybody else. It’s just about competition.” Local grocery stores and breweries, like Marshall’s, support it because it broadens their business horizons and individuals support it because they like to have options in their shopping. Voting yes on 792 means supporting freedom and choice for everyone.

No matter what, make sure to vote this November.

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