Student Experiences Council updates students on SA changes

Monday, September 26, marked the first meeting of the Student Association’s Student Experiences Council. Led by President Haley Anderson, Senate Deputy Chief of Staff Sawyer Clement and Cabinet Deputy Chief of Staff Andrew Hansen, the Council served as a gathering place for SA to discuss their upcoming events as well as changes made within SA. It also served as a place for students to provide feedback and voice their opinions on the issues affecting the campus.

This week’s meeting provided a brief update about the changes made in the last Senate meeting, including changes in the Financial Allocations Guidelines for student organizations requesting funding and the progress of Fall Senate elections. Other updates included a change in the venue of Senate from the Law Building to Helm Rm. 105. Upcoming events such as the “Stay Golden” Childhood Cancer Awareness event and the Picture It! Carnival were also discussed.

Luke Monses, the Executive Director of Homecoming, discussed this year’s point system for the 2016 Homecoming Competition between student organizations. The new system aspires to clear up past discrepancies on the issue of points for attendance and participation. Instead of requiring a certain number of people from each organization to attend each event as in past years, the point system now requires a certain percentage of each organization to attend.

Finally, speakers from Advocacy Alliance discussed this year’s efforts towards the awareness and prevention of sexual violence. Their goal this year is to get more students involved in the Advocacy Alliance’s student committee, S.A.V.E., through their Bystander Intervention Training program.

For more information about the Student Experiences Council and when the next meeting is, visit SA’s website.

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