Student leads protest from comfort of own home

Jonathan Withens, a senior gender studies major, led a protest against the Trump administration during the inauguration ceremony Saturday, all without leaving his apartment. Withens’ protest, self-described as “a multifaceted attack on fascism,” featured a variety of tactics to express his disapproval of the new president.

According to sources, Withens angrily voiced his displeasure to his roommate until he left the apartment, composed a very convincing Facebook post about the ruin that will befall this country over the next four years, and “went on Twitter and just started going ham, retweeting anyone who shared his opinion.”

“I just can’t believe that Trump won the election, I don’t see how anyone could possibly agree with him!” Withens told the State-Run Media after looking through his social media accounts, which are comprised primarily of liberals he follows because they agree with him. When asked about this lack of diversity in opinions, Jonathan pointed out that was in fact still friends with someone from grade school who identified as a Republican, so he had a sufficiently diverse newsfeed.

Discussing the impact of his protest, Withens commented “I really hope it inspires others. After seeing the risks and dangers I went through myself, many more may wish to follow in my footsteps and not accept this new administration without a fight.” When asked about what exactly the risks and dangers were, Withens referred to his Facebook posts, which “could lose me a lot of friends.” At press time, the State-Run assumes he is referring to the one Republican he knows.

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