Mencher’s misused Kermit meme from the email. Graphic by Madeline Woods

Student sends school-wide email promoting his SoundCloud

Those who clicked the link said that Carson Mencher’s SoundCloud wasn’t even good.

“This is a violation of the sacred trust between SA and students, or something like that,” said junior Maddy Garfunkel in reference to last week’s schoolwide email sent by senior SA member Carson Mencher.

The email in question was sent Monday morning and was titled, “Student Association: Extremely Important! Open Immediately!”

However, the email’s content was neither important nor time sensitive. It read as follows:

“Hey everybody, it’s ya boi Carson Mencher. In case you’re one of the like five students on campus that doesn’t know me I’m a MechE major by day and sick EDM artist by night. Peep my soundcloud I’m only 95 followers away from 100! Mencher out!”

The email also had a misused Kermit sipping tea meme template that said, “My soundcloud is dope, but that’s none of my business.”

Reactions to this email varied. Some students felt it mislead students, others found the email amusing. Most simply ignored it.

One person who was definitely not amused was President Clancy. “Dammit, I was going to shill my SoundCloud in my weekly email. Now I’ll look like a copycat,” he reportedly said after reading Mencher’s email.

“It’s just an email, I’m not sure what everyone is freaking out about,” said Mencher’s friend Danny Coeman. “His SoundCloud is awesome! He uploaded this really dope Wii-mix. You should check it out.”

The song in question is a remix of 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” with sounds from Nintendo’s Wii console added into it. Multiple sources have claimed that the song is certainly not dope.

Mencher refused an interview but, in an email correspondence, claimed that “everyone loved that email, I’m the best email writer. They say I write the best emails.” He also added a link to his Gaia Online profile during this correspondence.

“SA members pushing their own agendas under the guise of important SA information is a breach of ethics,” said Garfunkel. “Think of the chaos that will ensue if we let this behavior go unreprimanded. Plus his SoundCloud is, like, totally lame. He just has a bunch of meme songs on it.”

There has been no word from SA or TU Administration on whether Mencher will face any disciplinary action.

No more school-wide emails have been sent at this time.

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Post Author: Adam Lux