Students react to Oklahoma’s newest abortion clinic

The homepage of the website reads, “Trust Women South Wind Women’s Center is proud to re-establish access to reproductive health care in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.”

They opened their doors on September 10 in what they claimed was the largest metropolitan area in the US without access to reproductive health care. It was the first clinic of its kind to open since 1974 and one of only three in the state. `

One of the primary reasons for the small number of abortion clinics in the state is Oklahoma’s restrictive abortion laws in comparison to other states. The restrictions include a requirement for licensed professionals to perform the procedure, penalties for post-viability abortions, a requirement for state-directed counseling 24 hours before the procedure can be performed and the parents of minors seeking the procedure are notified by the state and most give consent.

Students had a variety of reactions to the clinic and about abortion in general.

Senior Dani Rosales believes abortions “should be safely accessible to everyone both physically and emotionally.”

“It should be accessible to rape victims, but there is a religious aspect that should be considered too,” shared Quinton Duncan.

“In my mind it’s nothing religious it’s about life,” said recent alum Brendan Phillips, “If a person shoots a pregnant woman he is charged with two counts of murder, in that case it is looked at as human life, so I think the same principle applies.”

Another student, Sean Townsend said, “we’re in the bible belt so it’s surprising that they actually opened one up, I thinks it’s awesome the we’re showing progress.”

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