Students receive national research scholarships

Several TU students were awarded Goldwater and National Science Foundation scholarships this year.

Senior Caleb Lareau, senior Mitchell Trafford, graduate student Edward Lannon, alum John Eason and alum Thomas Linscott won National Science Foundation awards. Each recipient will be awarded $138,000 to conduct research without having to answer to a particular institution.

Lareau plans to use the money to do research in genetic disorders using network theory, which holds that genetic disorders are the result of multiple interacting factors.

“Because of [the scholarship], I’ll be able to do whatever I want,” said Lareau. “I can seek out any projects that are interesting to me.”

In addition to the National Science Foundation scholarship, Lareau also won a Goldwater scholarship as a sophomore.

This year, TU juniors Austin Evans, Marissa Schmauch and Katy Riojas were awarded the Barry Goldwater Scholarship. The Goldwater is intended for students who want to go on to do research in the STEM fields.

Riojas is a founding member of Make a Difference Engineering, a club that designs new prosthetics and devices for the disabled.

“Mostly I’m hoping the Goldwater can open some doors for me down the road,” said Riojas.

Sixty-two TU students have received Goldwater scholarships since 1989, the year of its inception.

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