Super blue blood moon not even in its final form. Graphic by Adam Lux

Super blue blood moon rituals discovered

Researchers detail ancient blood moon rituals completed by past cultures.

Anthropologists have discovered images depicted in ancient Mayan temples, and as everyone knows, the Mayans knew everything about space and the future. The images depicted several ways in which the moon had transformed based on completing very specific rituals during the super blue blood moon. Researchers have concluded that the moon has many forms that were unlocked by ancient peoples, ranging from big and powerful, to really big and really powerful. The researchers had written that they discovered these rituals through a whole assortment of trials, during which many lives were lost. And for some reason they stole the Declaration of Independence, for reasons they still have not clarified.
The least powerful transformations had the easiest-to-perform ceremonies. If all of the world’s people were to shout compliments to the moon, the moon would transform into a “super blue friend moon,” retaining all of the same qualities but just feeling really good about its friends. And also, it would be pink, the color of friendship. On the other hand, if the world’s people were to shout mean things, it would transform into a “super blue moon 2,” which is like a normal super blue moon but sadder.
The next set of transformations were harder to perform and required greater effort from the ancient people. These included the “super blue blood bro moon dude,” which can be activated by coating the moon in protein powder, causing the moon to get super sick biceps, but as a tradeoff the moon will not stop talking about its workout routine. There was also the “super spirit bomb blood moon” that requires earthlings to give it some of their energy. But all forms of energy transfer to the moon are inefficient, and it won’t take batteries. And seeing as how it was the past, they had not invented spaceships, and waiting for an alien craft to arrive took several hours.
Final transformations were historically some of the most powerful, excluding the “super blue blood moon 4,” which is no longer canon and therefore does not count. The second most powerful was the “super blue blood moon super blue” (SBBMSB for short), which amplified the moon’s power 100-fold. This ritual required five people to agree that “Dragon Ball” super totally is not a way to exploit nostalgia for profit. The final and most powerful moon is the “super blue blood Tsuki: ZERO/ Season Two: Hyper Edition,” which can be achieved by everyone in the world holding hands and saying, “Subs not dubs.” Subs not dubs.

Post Author: Conner Maggio