Keeping class texts stocked in the library would benefit students. courtesy Wikimedia Commons

#12: Keep library stocked with required texts

Professors should ensure that their texts for class are available for checkout in the library and that those books are on limited loan. Once, a professor of mine asked if anyone in his class would be using the library to read the books for his class. I raised my hand. It wasn’t a class where […]

#13: Revise gym water bottle policy

Completely clear bottles are unnecessary; the Collins Fitness Center should allow a greater variety of water bottles inside. Of all the areas where TU could stand to see some improvement, I think we all know that the single most important one is the water bottle policy in the Collins Fitness Center. For those who don’t […]

#14: Keep phones off during class

The use of phones distracts students and prevents meaningful class discussion. For the first time ever in my college career, I had a class this semester with a professor who didn’t tolerate cell phones. I mean this in the most extreme of senses: like, point-blank would call people out for using their phone in any […]