Taylor Swift watches “21 Jump Street,” becomes antisemite

Swift rebukes West’s response to Jonah Hill’s performance.

12-time Grammy-winning feminist icon, blue-eyed and blonde-haired legend Taylor Swift took a stance against her long time adversary Kanye West in an Instagram post stating “I don’t know what that misogynist Kanye was talking about, I watched ‘21 Jump Street’ and I hate Jewish people now.”

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Swift explained that she only hates Jews because she was entirely unimpressed with Jonah Hill’s performance in the popular film “21 Jump Street.” The interviewer asked “since you are in our list of ‘Top ten hottest babes who don’t even know it!,’ we just wanted to ask for clarification on your statements against the Jewish population. ” Swift responded, “Of course honey, as a feminist, I really think it is important to challenge the patriarchal themes of the comedies of the 2010s. The film idolizes a men-led police state and what I got out of that is that Jews are bad.” To further investigate this, we looked to interview some students on the topic.

Swifties everywhere reacted to this new girlboss move from Queen Taytay. One long time fan explained how “What haters don’t understand is that she’s always been like this, now she’s just living her truth. #slay!” Another swiftie admitted that the move was not in her best interests, but he defended her explaining “You have to understand. She’s in her villain era after breaking up with her boyfriend. It is only natural to have a bit of a Nazi phase after a breakup like that.”

Kanye fans were less thrilled with her response to Kanye’s viral Instagram post. One clearly high man who closely resembled a Republican Yung Gravy argued “Taylor is once again stealing Ye’s ideas. When he came out as a Nazi you know she was scheming on how to follow suit without looking like she’s copying him. I hate women.” Another Kanye fan asked “Who listens to whatever those two idiots say on social media? I just like both of their music.”

On the campus of The University of Tulsa, both the College Republicans and the College Democrats submitted statements on it. The College Republicans explained, “While both Kanye and Taylor have made statements in support of our fascist ideology, we feel uncomfortable with how she came to the conclusion of anti-semetism. It is hard to trust anyone since Kanye changed his mind. As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, it appears to be a shaky foundation for her Nazism.” The College Democrats argued that “Swift isn’t a Nazi. People hate her because she is a woman. If a man made the same statements no one would bat an eye. It really speaks to the patriarchal system as a whole. We say keep #Resisting Taylor. We stand with you.”

At press time Swift publicly apologized for her previous statements after watching an episode of “Seinfeld” and changing her mind, announcing this by releasing a single titled “Hitler was bad.” Could this be the anthem of the next wave of progressive activism?

Post Author: Kyle Garrison