The Barricade: Protest groups clash outside Dallas mosque

Racial tensions arose on Saturday in Dallas at a protest in front of the Nation of Islam Mosque.

A group of mostly black South Dallas residents showed up to the mosque on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard to counter-protest a mostly white group which routinely holds demonstrations outside mosques.

The protest group, The Bureau on American Islamic Relations (BAIR), is a staunch opponent of “radical Islamism,” and planned to protest against Nation of Islam based on accusations that the mosque had openly promoted violence against Americans.

The counter-protesters included members of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club and the New Black Panther Party.

Both groups were armed. BAIR members wore camouflage and carried an American flag, while the counter-protesters wore black, vowed to defend their streets, and raised cries of “black power.”

The protests ended without incident soon after the counter-protesters arrived.

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