The lead singer of the band, Chibi, brought an enchanting energy to the performance. photo by Heber Hurd

“The Birthday Massacre” puts on exhilarating show

The beloved band made its way to Cain’s this past week and attracted a diverse crowd.

I had the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite bands in concert at Cain’s Ballroom in downtown Tulsa on Oct. 29. Based out of Toronto, The Birthday Massacre has been touring on the Jonathan Davis Black Labyrinth Tour. The six-member coven is known for playing music that is a combination of goth and metal, with electronic elements reminiscent of ‘80s artists like The Cure and Depeche Mode. Tied together by the ethereal voice of female vocalist Chibi, The Birthday Massacre killed the lights and put on an incredible show. The lineup for the evening featured the opener, Julien-K, followed by The Birthday Massacre and headlined by Jonathan Davis.

The sun had not yet set on that near cloudless evening when I arrived at 6 p.m. To my benefit, I was an hour early since I had mistaken the opening time. As I spoke with some of the awaiting fans, I discerned there were two VIP groups: one for Jonathan Davis and one for The Birthday Massacre. Surrounded by goth fans and purple bunnies, there was a distinct separation between Jonathan Davis and The Birthday Massacre fans. he only thing that they agreed on was that no one had a clue who Julien-K was.

After a brief time in line, a pierced and tattooed VIP fan asked if anyone was interested in a VIP ticket because his companion was not able to attend. Quickly observing the blank stares of shock, I immediately raised my hand, but he selected someone else. Five minutes later, she returned to the line and he repeated his offer. Seizing my opportunity, he was gracious enough to offer his second VIP ticket to me.

Elated to have the chance to see them in concert, I also met The Birthday Massacre for a photo op! My brother turned me on to them in 2007 following the release of their “Walking with Strangers” record. I was instantly hooked. Being a fan of goth, metal, industrial and ‘80s alternative genres, it was refreshing to hear the successful combination of all four. Around 6:30 p.m., the VIP fans were led inside and, one by one, were given the chance to receive an autographed lithograph, a quick chat with each band member and free hugs from Chibi.

Hugs and handshakes abound, my heart raced as I basked in the cordial experience. Of the two fans ahead of me, one was a college student at his first concert, and he could barely hold back the tears. The other was the dude who offered me his second VIP ticket, and he had his calf tattoo of Chibi signed by her during his meet and greet.

The show began soon after, and following the confusion of the fans during Julien-K’s set, The The Birthday Massacre appeared on stage. Smiling and having a great time they put on an enchanting show amid fog and purple lights and were interactive with the fans. I was placed under their spell, and the energy was palpable. To finalize the experience and make a few fans jealous, I flashed my photo pass, squeezed between the stage and the barrier, snapped a few pics and called it a night.

Post Author: Heber Hurd