The Collegian Distributor’s favorite places on campus

Peighton enlightens the masses.

As a graduating senior, I wanted to leave a parting gift to both The Collegian and The University of Tulsa. Instead of paying $70 for a brick with my name on it, I thought I would give readers a list of my top 10 favorite places on campus.

Starting from the bottom of the list:

10. Oliphant’s Greenhouse – This mixed bag of an academic building sports a greenhouse on the 4th floor. Having to take the very small, very shady elevator all the way up to the roof adds to the experience. I don’t know if I was technically allowed up there or not, but exploration calls. You will know you are getting close when the elevator’s temperature suddenly rises to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are permitted (or maybe even if you are not), I would recommend checking out all the plants the biology students take care of.

9. Oliphant’s Courtyard – Having taken just about a million courses in the building including women and gender studies, biology, French and anthropology classes, I found myself hanging around Oliphant quite a lot. Trying to avoid the asbestos in the interior walls, I took my work outside. The courtyard is primarily shaded and is full of plants. There is also a small pond that has recently acquired two turtles. When it is warm enough, it is a great place to study or hang out.

8. McFarlin’s Courtyard – Before it closed this academic year due to the flood, the courtyard was a great place to study. Being close to the library’s computers was always helpful. A fun characteristic of sitting in the courtyard is the ability you will have to overhear student conversations from the plaza above. Eavesdrop at your own risk.

7. LaFortune House Lobby – Part of my new home this year, being a resident assistant at LaFortune has given me plenty of access to the building’s large lobby. I have hosted and attended numerous events in the lobby, played ping-pong, pool and foosball. I sat by the fireplace while studying and attended hall government meetings.

6. Lottie Jane Mabee Hall’s Underground Tunnels – I am fully aware I was and am not permitted to access these tunnels, but when given the opportunity, the explorer in me had to see what all the stories regarding them were about. Truthfully, they were not too special. They were cramped and dusty, and crawling through them scraped the hell out of my leg. I only visited them once, as maintenance locked the door I used to access them, but it made for a great experience.

5. Dietler Commons – Also known as the Old U, this green space has served as a campus event space many times. From homecoming bonfires, carnivals, games of frisbee, picnics, movie nights and more the Old U has given me so many incredible memories.

4. Lottie Jane Mabee Hall’s Courtyard – Having been my home for three years, I spent a lot of time in Lottie, and a lot of time in the courtyard. The hammocks we got last academic year were a game changer for Lottie residents and others (shoutout to the random man off Delaware who took a nap in a hammock and frightened many residents). I hosted and attended quite a few events out there and they were all a great time.

3. McFarlin’s Collaborative Reading Room – I have pulled many all-nighters in this room, as have plenty of my friends. When finals season comes around, the second floor of the library is the place to be. The appeal of this room, opposed to the other reading rooms, is that you are permitted to speak. Some people will even take phone calls, shoutout Shelby Hiens. I am excited to spend my ultimate finals season there.

2. The Collegian Office – This last year, I have spent quite a bit of time in the office. Dropping off old copies of The Collegian and contributing to my paper throne has been a weekly event. I have enjoyed coming in during layout meetings to distract all the editors and eat their snacks. The couch in my own office within the office has seen many of my naps, and I have gotten some serious studying done at my desk.

1. Mayo Village Apartment #[REDACTED] – Because I have been an RA for the past three years and stuck in a dorm, I did not get to experience apartment living like many other students do. This apartment has been my home away from home for the past two years. I have laughed, cried and literally bled there. Visiting at least weekly, this place has been somewhere I can go to get away from the stresses of daily life. Everyone that has entered the apartment has had a great time, as the residents for the past couple of years have been some seriously good hosts. From karaoke performances to hanging off the pergola, this particular apartment has easily become my favorite place on campus. To its last and current residents, I love you.

By the way, I do not claim responsibility for any trouble you get in for utilizing these spaces. Thank you, TU, for giving me each of these places to make memories, good and bad.

Post Author: Peighton Johnson