The Collegian joins SAVE to take back the night

Student run organization SAVE hosted an event to march against sexual violence on this past Thursday.

The student organization SAVE hosted the empowering event “Take Back the Night” to give women and other marginalized groups the power to walk around campus without fear of being attacked or assaulted. Before the march, students met at the Mayo clubhouse where they signed in and were given the chance to create signs and even grab a teal ribbon representing sexual assault awareness.

The march began around 6:30 P.M. as students gathered holding up their signs and SAVE’s president held a megaphone ready to lead the chants. Throughout the march, SAVE’s leadership pointed out resources for students including the Title IX office, Collins Fitness Center, The Little Blue House where you can get free lunch in a welcoming environment and the Health Center on campus where students can get tested for STIs and other necessary tests. The last stop pointed out was CAPS in Hardesty, where students can receive free counseling.

The march finished by walking down Frat row with chants of “No means no,” which was definitely the loudest the group had been throughout the march. Students proudly held up their signs the whole march taking back the campus with every chant.

Post Author: Isabella Herrera