The six Best Study Spots On and Off Campus!

Whether you need a break from home, time outside or want to see Tulsa, there’s a place for you!

With the stress and excitement of orientation and starting the semester, you’re probably wondering where all the good spots to study are. Sure, studying in your dorm room is more convenient, but after spending countless hours staring at the same four walls, you might feel unmotivated to study or complete assignments. The best study habits should be created at the beginning of the semester and not towards the end, so give yourself plenty of time to wander and experience each spot’s environment to find your favorites. In the meantime, check out mine!

On Campus

1. The Old U: If you’re looking for a great spot outside, the shaded area beside the McFarlin steps is the perfect place. Set up a blanket, chair or hammock under the lined trees and enjoy the nice breeze. From there is the scenic view of the fountains that come on every now and then. The spot also overlooks the entirety of the U as well as the beautiful architectural aspects of our campus. The Old U is also perfect for a study session after the sun goes down.

2. McFarlin Library: The computer labs offer a quiet and well air-conditioned place for all students to focus on their work. There are four main printers available and ready to be used. If you get hungry, check out the vending machines with several great options to fulfill any craving. When you need a more open space to lay out your bag and start your research assignment, check out the lower level of the library where you can sit in comfortable chairs, use the computers and browse many sections and aisles of books.

3. Sharp Plaza: Another great place to sit outside and not feel too overwhelmed from the heat is right outside Sharp Plaza. The shaded tables provide a much more appealing approach to enjoying the fresh air and sunset view over this side of campus. Sharp Chapel also has seating available inside, with the glass doors and windows providing a nice view for those who might need to charge their laptop.

Off Campus

4. 918 Coffee: If you’re needing to get off campus but don’t want to stray too far, 918 could be your new favorite place. With their fresh and warm baked goods and wide selection of coffee and other caffeine options, this spot deserves the hype. There are plenty of tables and chairs for setting up your laptop, books and other study materials. Their atmosphere is well known for being inviting. You might even run into a student or professor you know!

5. Philbrook Museum: Here is a chance to use your student ID for free admission into the Italian Renaissance garden and museum. Enjoy a perfect day, or evening, outside on the picnic tables. You could also bring a blanket and sit in the garden!

6. Gathering Place: A getaway without having to actually get away. If you’re needing a change in scenery from campus, Gathering Place is just a ten minute drive. The Williams Lodge offers amenities such as restrooms, a café and indoor lounge spaces with many outlets. The tall glass windows next to you will give an unobstructed view of the park and greenery while you study.

Whether you’re looking for a nice view or somewhere close by to enjoy a snack, these spots will make the hours spent studying or logging into an online class more enjoyable.

Post Author: Ji Aldada