The Spookiest of Reviews: Oklahoma’s most haunted attractions

October is one of the best months out of the year. The leaves are starting to change, pumpkin lattes are back in season, and best of all it’s the month of all things spooky.

Lovers of horror and gore unite together for many activities.

There are horror marathons all over TV, there are parties and festivals alike. There are so many activities you might not be able to try all of them!

But if there is one thing you should do, especially if you want the full Spooktober experience, is to be terrified to tears at one of Oklahoma’s Haunted Houses!

I’ve decided to help you pick out which one will suit your… needs…the best. Ranked from meh to full on spook; here are the list of the top five spookiest attractions in Oklahoma!

Number five: Haunted Castle of Muskogee, 10 dollars for adults

As a Tulsa native, I just couldn’t leave out this Oklahoman gem. The Castle of Muskogee is only thirty minutes away from campus. It is a very family oriented place but it has a huge range of activities!

There is a torture museum, a haunted hayride, and the best part is the Trail of Blood. If you’re looking for a spook, The Trail of Blood is for you!

They’ll set you and a friend out in the woods and make you find your way back. IF you can find your way back.

Number four: The Sanctuary, 20 dollars for adults

This haunted attraction is located in OKC, about two hours away from our lovely university.

It features five different attractions ranging in spookiness fit for children to grownups.

This unique attraction has made the list as it has a real backstory!

In WWII a psychiatric hospital owned by Charles Labrie began conducting experiments led by German Doctor Ryan Hammond.

Hammond was an evil man with a Frankenstein complex. Come here to take a peek at the freak show he created.

Number three: The 13th Ward, 15 dollars for adults

The 13th Ward is rather close to campus, only about 15 minutes away.
This is your typical walk-through-pee-your-pants kind of haunted attraction.

Prepare to be engulfed in this asylum where the patients have taken over!

The 13th Ward is no place for those who can’t fend for themselves.
I recommend this one if you can handle the darkness this hospital has to offer.

Number two: Psycho Path, 20 dollars for adults

Spooky chills and endless terror are waiting for you in the town of Sperry, Oklahoma.

Only 20 minutes away, this haunted attraction has made quite the name for itself.

At this attraction you ride around the woods in a custom made ‘Scareage’ vehicle.

Sounds a little lame, but I promise you will be terrified the entire time!

There are ghouls and other entities lurking in the forest that are thrilled for your arrival.

Number one: The Hex House, 15 dollars for one or 20 dollars for two attractions

This is Tulsa’s prized possession, just 10 minutes from campus. So spooky that people will drive halfway across the country only to leave with wet pants and tears streaming down their face. This haunted attraction is fully dedicated to the scare.

There is first the Hex House, where you will be touched and bled on and scared near to death. And then, if you haven’t had enough, there is a part two. Where your darkest nightmares come to life. Will you be able to make it through?

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