The Void: 5 parking garages that you NEED to see before you die

5) That one garage you saw your Uncle Rocco in really late at night that one time. You were pretty sure he was dealing drugs. You really wish he hadn’t waved at you. Now every Christmas he gives you a knowing, threatening look over the dinner table.

4) The garage at that company your rich friend works for. It’s large, imposing and filled with cars that cost more than your house. This place makes you feel insignificant.

3) Your garage. Yes your own garage. It has way too much junk in it that you’re not willing to throw away. Maybe it’s because that your stuff never leaves you. When everyone else realizes how much of a jerk you are, they leave. But things always stay. Things are always there for you.

2) The really sketchy parking garage where you lost your virginity. Remember them? God, they were awful. So was that garage. It smelled like pee and the light right over where you were parked kept flickering and you keep getting scared thinking it was the police. And that weird thing they wanted to do. That was the worst Super Bowl night ever.

1) You fill in the blank.

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