The Void

So you’re sitting in the study room with a cup of tea. You move your hand a little bit and you spill the steaming liquid all over the homework you just spent four and a half hours on. Or maybe you’re in class taking notes furiously and you spill your coffee all over your friend that sits next to you.

You ask yourself “How did this happen? How did I let my life become this chaotic and meaningless?”

Let me tell you something. Your life has always been this way. Since the birth of the universe the cup started tipping and entropy slowly eats away at everything. You’ve never actually had control of your life; it just seemed that way and now that you feel yourself coming apart atom by atom, pulled in every direction, you realize the truth. You begin to question your ability to continue doing all this, or at least maintaining your sanity as you do.

But fear not, because your sanity is spilling too and there’s nothing you can do about it. Just like coffee out of that cup, your cognitive abilities seem to flow out of your ears as you fall down into the dark pit of “the real world.”

It starts with just forgetting something here or there and eventually reaches a point where you’re openly weeping over a differential equations exam. As you look around you and realize that no one actually “has their shit together,” you might as well just let the insanity envelope you and swim around in it for a while.

The first time you stood up on your own it was destined that one day you must return to the earth. The juggler can not juggle forever, every plane has a last flight and the cup always spills, eventually. So you might as well just knock it over yourself.

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