The Weekly Yak

Ah… Gossip. One of the driving forces of a young adult’s life. We’ve learned from our cringey “ask me anything” phases on Instagram that there’s nothing we love more than anonymous drama. The most recent purveyor of anonymous gossip has been TU’s presence on Yik Yak — the social app for students of the university who are looking for a variety of goodies: love from strangers, answers that no one knows and the ever-present campus slander. Ever since the beginning of the semester there have been recurring themes, such as Mötley Crüe paying for every minor inconvenience, Greek Life drama (as if anyone really cares) and salty responses to cars who run stop signs and can’t park between the lines.

Yik Yak is perfect for people on campus who aren’t interested in participating in drama but love watching it while eating a 30-count nugget. This past week was a special week for users, as they were able to celebrate the resurrection of Chick-fil-A with missing sides and raw chicken, the return of the joyfully sweet weather-person, the monthly fraternity beef, stolen packages and a slew of towed cars. Below are the objective highlights — the top 10 posts from the week of Sept. 15 to Sept. 22:

“If they put ou against tridelts flag football team it would have been a different story” – Tulsa

“Goldie doesn’t like Gus T, bark confirmed” – Tulsa

“I bet we would beat OU in a math competition” – Tulsa

“Hear me out okay… how about instead of making students park off campus every time we have an event and ticketing them for being in the wrong lot, we make guests park off campus and shuttle in. TU is a university, not a damn event center.” – Tulsa

“Some of these football players should really start paying attention in class bc the NFL isn’t in their future” – Tulsa

“Opening yak in public feels the same as viewing porn in public.” – Tulsa

“Just witnessed a freshman raise his hand to ask to use the bathroom. Both cringe and wholesome.” – Tulsa

“I think the guys who paint tulsa! On their chests should let the camera pan over to them and then really quickly rearrange so it says ‘a slut!’” – Tulsa

“If by some miracle we win the game tomorrow I think we should get a week off of classes to celebrate… just an idea Brad…” – Tulsa

“Waka Flaka, Sean Kingston now Swaelee Tulsa really is using their budget up this year! We about to have a go fund me page after this semester.” – Tulsa

However, I (the writer) have a few personal favorites from the week:

“I’d rather have several Gs taken off my tuition costs than singers come to campus.” – Tulsa

“Pass my parking ticket on to motley crue, thanks (kissing face emoji)” – Tulsa

“Finding ur TA on tinder is one of college’s bonus little scaries” – Tulsa

“It’s stupid when girls say they can’t find a guy and then ignore me. It’s like saying you’re hungry when there’s a soggy hot dog on the ground outside.” – Tulsa

Do you want your Yaks to be featured next week on The Collegian? Be funny. Make Hannah laugh. That rarely happens.

Post Author: Hannah Moua