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True crime podcasts inform and engage listeners

True crime podcasts have seemingly taken over the podcasting world, and it does not look like these podcasts are going anywhere anytime soon. “My Favorite Murder” and “Crime Junkie” are a couple of the top true crime podcasts in circulation right now, and their fans seem to be very opinionated about which is the superior podcast.

“My Favorite Murder” fans, named murderinos by the creators of the podcast, say that they prefer “My Favorite Murder” because of the humor and commentary. Haley Ritchie is a junior at the University of Tulsa and a die-hard “My Favorite Murder” fan. Ritchie says that the reason “My Favorite Murder” is her favorite is because “the hosts, Karen and Georgia, are absolutely hilarious and really get into the nitty gritty with their storytelling. They make you feel like you’re really sitting in the recording studio with them. They try their very hardest to make sure their stories are accurate, but throw in some humor so you’re still having a good time. Not only that, but Karen and Georgia aren’t afraid to challenge the norm and talk about real world issues and taking care of your mental health.” “My Favorite Murder” hosts, Karen and Georgia, say that they incorporate humor to help cope with the reality of the horrible details that come along with true crime.

“Crime Junkie” fans typically prefer less of the adult humor and appreciate the straight-to-the-point aspect of the podcast. Rachel Cooley, a junior at the University of Tulsa, explains why she loves “Crime Junkie.” Cooley says, “To be honest, I love Ashley and Brit’s voices; they both tell the crime stories so well that it keeps me engaged. I’ve tried to listen to a couple other true crime podcasts here and there, but none of them keep me engaged like the crime junkies. I also like that it isn’t just opinions; they have facts and evidence, and they also do their own research on cases, and I love that.” Another “Crime Junkie” fan, Riley Henson, says that “I personally love the “Crime Junkie” podcast because it really gets straight to the story and makes me feel like I’m living the story as they tell it.”

True crime podcasts and serial killer movies are not the first of their genre; consumers have been fascinated with crime for years. Shows like “Dateline,” “I Survived” and many others have paved the way for the new wave of true crime obsession. “I Survived,” describes themselves as a “no-frills series, presents chilling first-person accounts from people who overcame deadly situations.” The detailed and emotionally charged first-hand accounts are sure to leave the viewer with goose bumps.

The spike in true crime media seems to follow the obsession with serial killer movies, such as “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” starring Zac Effron. This movie received a good amount of kickback due to casting Zac Effron as Ted Bundy. While the romanticization and fetisization of crime and murder are far from reality, many listeners of true crime podcasts claim that the podcasts give advice and resources about what to do if you are ever in a similar situation. Henson says that “Crime Junkie” is her preferred true crime podcast because of the useful “life rules” they share regarding how to stay safe.

Next time you are in the car for a long drive, studying or just looking for something to listen to, give the true crime genre a chance, and you might be surprised.

Post Author: Maggy Crawford