Trump beats Haley in decisive New Hampshire primary

The win puts the U.S. on track for a Trump versus Biden rematch.
After refusing to attend any GOP primary debates, former President Donald Trump beat opponent Nikki Haley in the New Hampshire primary. Last Tuesday was an important win for Trump, who made history by being the first non-incumbent nominee to win both the New Hampshire primary and the Iowa caucus.
Overall, the election ran smoothly despite a record number of voters. The Haley campaign hoped the high turnout would help boost her candidacy. Ultimately, she cinched 43.2% of the votes, trailing Trump by 11 percentage points. This result was a setback for Haley, who had expected a win in the state known for its independent streak.
Haley congratulated Trump for his projected win after her loss but vowed to stay in the race. “I want to congratulate Donald Trump on his victory tonight. He earned it, and I want to acknowledge that,” Haley said from a Concord, New Hampshire podium. She is now ready to take on her home state of South Carolina, where she served as governor from 2011 to 2017. South Carolina will vote on Feb. 24.
Regarding South Carolina’s primary, Haley said Trump will have a “harder time” competing in her home state. During her speech in New Hampshire, the former governor said, “South Carolina voters don’t want a coronation. They want an election, and we’re going to give them one because we are just getting started.”
Trump supporters are unhappy with Hayley’s decision to stay in the race, as the pro-Trump super PAC is calling on her to drop out of the race. CEO of MAGA Inc. Taylor Budowich said in a statement, “It’s time for unity, it’s time to take the fight to the Democrats, and for Nikki Haley: it’s time to drop out.”
The pro-Haley super PAC, SFA Fund, told CNN that the campaign is “on to South Carolina,” with the PAC planning on spending millions to create advertisements and send out mail. The remarks were made by the PAC’s Executive Director Mark Harris who further stated, “The fight has just begun.” Harris is confident in the Haley campaign, pointing out that Trump barely received 50% of the vote in Iowa and New Hampshire.
Despite her intent to stay in the race, the Biden campaign has disregarded Haley as a potential 2024 competitor. Late Tuesday night, those who signed up for text messages from the Biden administration received a message stating: “The New Hampshire results are in and Donald Trump has all but locked up the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.”
Late Monday night, the Biden campaign dropped new merchandise. A black shirt was released saying, “TOGETHER, WE WILL DEFEAT TRUMP. AGAIN.” The word “AGAIN” appears in red for emphasis.
Trump now leads the race with 32 delegates after winning 12 in New Hampshire. Haley follows with 17, nine of which are from New Hampshire. Ron DeSantis has nine and Vivek Ramaswamy has three. Both DeSantis and Ramaswamy dropped out of the race following disappointing losses in Iowa.
The next Republican caucuses will be on Feb. 8, where Haley and Trump will fight for Nevada’s 26 delegates and the Virgin Island’s four delegates.

Post Author: Isabella Musollino