“Trump has gone too far this time,” says student who has politics on Facebook feed

In reference to the new President of the United States Donald J. Trump’s many controversial executive orders, local student Tyler Jennings has declared that he has finally had enough:

“I can’t log onto any social media without having to see dozens of posts all complaining about something new he’s apparently done wrong,” Tyler says. He claims to already miss the halcyon days of logging onto Facebook and scrolling past low-resolution vacation photos and videos of video games. “I used to log onto Facebook and feel ‘Haha’ or at the very least ‘Like.’ Now all I feel is ‘Sad.’”

“If I wanted to see politics, I’d turn on the news or something. It’s not like the politicians really do anything that changes people’s lives too much,” Jennings, a white male, told the State-Run Media. “It was great when my aunt used to just share crappy quotes from poets. Now she’s sharing depressing stories about people who aren’t allowed to see their families anymore.”

When pressed about if he sees any problem with these new orders, Jennings did have something to offer. “I mean, I did hear that some professional Smash Brothers player from Iran or somewhere isn’t let into the US anymore. So I guess that’s a pretty big deal I guess,” he said. Asked about the anti-Trump protests that have been breaking out nationwide, he said, “I mean yeah, I guess I’m glad people are standing up to him.” In regards to his own considerations of protesting he shrugged and said they seem to have enough people already.

Jennings has recently been retreating to less political social media like Snapchat and Instagram, but claims to have seen a few anti-Trump updates on those too recently. “It’s really looking like I may have to move to LinkedIn,” he said with a shudder.

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