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TU Clubs adapt to online format

Clubs are a great way to get involved on campus and meet new people that have the same interests as you. There are clubs for just about anything you can think of — sports, academics, outdoor activities, faith, food, video games and community service. The list of possible clubs to join goes on and on. We talked with a few students who are involved in different clubs on campus to learn a little bit about what they do and how they are adapting to COVID-19.

Spoon University is a club on campus that focuses on cooking and food. Henry, the president of Spoon University, says “my favorite thing about Spoon University is that it teaches college students not only how to cook, but easy, college-friendly recipes.” Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Henry says that Spoon University is “not going to be holding any in person activities, meetings or events but we are adapting virtually so that we can still have a fun, food-filled year.” Spoon University still has plenty of events planned for this semester to keep their members engaged. “We are going to be having a Thanksgiving canned food drive,” Henry says “and lots of fun virtual events like Instagram live cooking classes.”

Geology Club is great for those looking to get off campus and get their feet dirty as well as those that are interested in learning more about geology. Haley Ritchie says that the Geology Club provides “field trips to mining sites, a science fair for middle schools around Tulsa, trivia nights, picnics with all the club professors and tons of guest lectures.” While the Geology Club is completely virtual right now, there might be field trips planned later. Ritchie said that her favorite memory from Geology Club is from her freshman year, “we took a day trip to this huge quartz mine in Arkansas and I came back with a giant metal bucket full of free quartz.” While geology is a major at the University of Tulsa, the club is not exclusive to just geology students, and all majors are welcome.

One club that has gone through some recent rebranding is Media Studies Club. President, Jaci Chavey, says that “over the last three years, we’ve rebranded as the Media Studies Club to follow in the footsteps of the rebranding of the Media Studies department from Communications.” While the Media Studies Club is open to students in any major, the club has many opportunities for Media Studies students to connect with professionals. “I wanted to connect with other Media Studies majors and develop networks within the industry.” Chavey says,” Our Media Studies events include monthly meetings with local industry professionals. This gives our members an opportunity to make those much needed connections before even graduating.” Chavey says that the Media Studies Club is “adapting to COVID-19 policies by transitioning our monthly meetings to a virtual format.”

There are so many different clubs on campus, while things might not be in person right now, clubs are a great way to get involved and meet new people who have similar interests. Regardless of your major or interests, there is most likely a club that would spark your interest.

Post Author: Maggy Crawford