TU fitness facilities to keep you fit

Looking for a way to avoid the Freshman-15? Check out the facilities at TU’s Collins Fitness Center.

The University of Tulsa kicks off the 2023-24 school year with a wide variety of fitness activities and facilities available to its incoming and returning students. During the 2023 spring semester, the Collins Fitness Center (CFC) has gone through minor renovations to create a more diverse workout environment for its patrons. Now equipped with a 21-foot rock climbing wall, the fitness possibilities at the CFC pave the path to an exciting fitness journey for the new students of class 2027.

Beginner Guidance
Students lacking confidence or experience in the gym are not shooed away at the CFC. If students are unsure on where to begin their activities in the facility, the CFC employees are more than willing to offer a helping hand. All students have to do is create a fitness appointment at the CFC front desk and answer questions regarding their fitness goals. After a quick gauge of fitness level, CFC personnel are prepared to help any student with step-by-step tutorials through a uniquely planned regimine.

Fitness Classes
The CFC also offers fun and exciting fitness classes taught by passionate and friendly instructors. From fast-paced zumba dancing and ab crunching classes to calming yoga sessions, the fitness center has a variety of scheduled classes for students just wanting to pop in and stay active throughout their studious lives.

Intramural Sports
CFC Director of Recreation Darnell Brazelton has scheduled a handful of short sporting events and seasons that students can join to play their favorite sports, or even try new ones. From Sept. 4 to Oct. 6, the CFC will be hosting and running the annual TU flag football league open to men’s, women’s, and co-rec teams. Following this league is the indoor volleyball league.

In addition to short seasons of team sports, short tournaments and games, the CFC will be returning with their popular Big Blue Bench Off competition along with other exciting fitness challenges this school year.

Students can create and join teams through IMLeagues, a user-friendly app accessible on both phones and laptops. The application can also be used to view future events. All teams and individuals that place first in any sporting event hosted by the CFC get themselves recognized on the CFC instagram and are awarded Intramural Championship shirts.

New Equipment
The brand new CFC rock climbing wall was installed over the summer. Located in the lobby of the CFC, this large structure is just one of the many ways the fitness center makes physical activity fun and exciting. The only requirement to use it is to go through a short climbing and safety tutorial with any qualified personnel. In addition to this, the gym has been equipped with a weight sled great for functional exercise. After a hefty workout, the equipment room is the perfect place to visit with its new Ice-Soak Barrel that is great for aching muscles.

TU students can use all facility equipment and services free of charge. With the rapid expansion of our fitness facilities, the active TU students are in for a treat this school year. Students are highly encouraged to take advantage of all activities available and make the CFC a daily part of their TU life.